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Elite Personal Trainer

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness (RTO 41171)
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach qualification –
    Learn how to prescribe & implement programs for speed, strength, endurance & flexibility. Offered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd
  • Beginner boxing certification
    For 1-on-1 & group fitness training
  • IFI’s Industry Skills modules –
    Learn context-specific business skills, nutrition, exercise programming, anatomy & physiology & more.
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The International Fitness Institute’s model was perfect for me - easy to understand & relevant content that I could access anywhere at any time"
Martin Nguyen
I really enjoyed the course, I think it gets you what you need to know without the mind numbing boredom. Cheers”
Joel Bennett
I work all day so I felt there wasn’t time to study fitness as well. However, IFI have the option of learning online and they also have flexible practical sessions”
Mia Rickards
IFI have taught me not only about fitness, but how to attract, sell and maintain clients as well"
Emma Tarrant
We prefer to hire International Fitness Institute graduates because they perform a significant portion of their training on the job"
Dan Boyes
The Training Ground PT Studio

Do you dream of turning your passion for fitness into a lifelong career? Gain the edge with one of our personal training courses under your belt.

It can be hard to know where to start and how to hit the ground running in the fitness industry, which is why the International Fitness Institute (IFI) has developed quality fitness courses to help you succeed in your chosen career. Get the skills and knowledge you need to become a star in the fitness industry with the International Fitness Institute. We have a wide variety of fitness courses available to prepare you for a variety of industry specific jobs.

Why Take a Fitness Course With the International Fitness Institute?

With so many different fitness courses available, what makes our courses stand out from the rest?
Our content has been developed by fitness industry experts with over 24 years’ experience. You can trust that the courses we provide deliver the skills and knowledge that the fitness industry demands.

Hands on Experience
When you choose a course from IFI, as part of your course, you will receive hands on experience where relevant skills will be applied in a real workplace. Yes that means you will have the opportunity to actually train people!

Graduates also receive guidance from professionals in the form of a mentorship. These mentors are professional and knowledgeable IFI course facilitators who help students to complete their professional fitness education. Our highly skilled mentors meet stringent selection criteria so you can rest assured knowing that you will have an industry expert by your side during your studies.

The Skills You Need
Our programs include our own personal training specific modules with essential material that you can utilise to excel in your chosen career. Our modules are reflective of current best-practice so you can trust that your skills will be up to date when you graduate.
Our comprehensive list of industry partners also keep us informed about their changing needs so you will always know that your skills are on trend with what the industry requires.

With a flexible course design combining online and real world experience, you control how and when you choose to study. With a variety of tools available, you can decide what resources you wish to utilise to get the most out of your studies.
Rest assured knowing you will not be forced through a linear path of learning with our courses.
Our personal training courses also provide you with more than enough time to complete the program at your own pace, with a generous 24 months to finish your chosen course from the date of enrolment.

Social Learning
Our eLearning platform has many social learning features such as forums and chat. These tools provide you with an easily accessible support system to contact content experts and colleagues who can assist you in your study.

Earn Money While Studying
Don’t put your life and income on hold to start a career in fitness. With our flexible fitness courses and hands-on experience, you can begin training clients while you study and start earning an income from fitness-related services.

We pride ourselves on offering a user-friendly experience for all of our students both online and in a practical, real world environment. Our learning resources are so easy to use you will hit the ground running with your studies in no time.
It has never been easier to kick off your career in fitness!

Lifelong Study Policy
Our lifelong study policy means that you can review all online content at any time throughout your career.

What Jobs Can I Get When I Complete a Course?

Woman with her personal fitness trainer in the gym exercising power gymnastics with a barbellYou can trust that the International Fitness Institute personal training courses will give you the skills you need to excel in the fitness industry. Here are a few examples of the careers you could begin with when you graduate from the International Fitness Institute.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym instructor
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Fitness business manager
  • Fitness program coordinator
  • Older Client Trainer

Our industry partners are always looking for quality staff. The unique set of skills and knowledge offered in our courses will provide you with the best chance of kick-starting your career in an industry you will love.

What Courses are Available?

Our personal training courses are tailored to suit specific careers and deliver real-world fitness skills. Choose from the below two course structures to get started in your fitness career.

Fitness Coach Mentorship
The fitness coach program will teach you how to train athletes and manage your own fitness business. Become the best in the business with modules including:

  • Exercise programming strategies
  • Fitness Business Principles
  • Client screening & assessment principles
  • Nutrition principles for body composition goals
  • Applied anatomy & physiology
  • Beginner boxing program for 1 on 1 and group fitness

Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship
The IFI Elite Personal Trainer course offers all of the above modules plus a Certificate III (SIS30313) & IV in fitness (SIS40210) to provide you with multiple qualifications to succeed as a highly skilled personal trainer. Including the above, you will also learn the following as part of the Certificate III & IV in Fitness:

  • Working in the fitness industry
  • Exercise & nutrition science
  • Exercise instructions
  • Exercise science
  • Personal training
  • Changing behaviours
  • Older adults
  • Small Business skills
  • First Aid

What are the Courses Like?

Our quality fitness courses offer both online learning and practical on hand experience to give you the skills you need to succeed.

Woman with her personal fitness trainer in the gym exercising with dumbbellsOnline Learning
Study IFI fitness courses with ease via our online learning model. Do your study online in your own time and have access to various resources including discussion forums, student notice boards and email contact with our content experts who are always on hand to help you with your studies. We have a flexible course design where our students are empowered to learn at their own pace.

Practical Learning
You will receive practical coaching experience as part of our personal training courses where you will apply your skills on a volunteer basis until you are eligible for public liability & professional indemnity insurance. In addition, the Level 1 strength & conditioning coach qualification (Offered in partnership with Sportechoach Pty Ltd) requires you to work under the direct supervision of a qualified strength and conditioning coach for a minimum of 10 hours. During this time your practical skills will be assessed in a real world environment. Once feedback is received and you feel more confident with your practical skills, you will perform a further 20 hours of unsupervised coaching as part of your training.
We have three phases to our fitness course to provide you with the professional range of skills you need to succeed in the fitness industry:

Strength and Conditioning Certification
In this phase of study you will receive the highly regarded Level 1 strength and conditioning coach qualification.

Industry Skills
Our internally developed Industry skills modules are essential to get your foot in the door in fitness. The expected duration for this phase is approximately 20 weeks, however some students have met requirements in a shorter timeframe.

Beginner Boxing Workshop
A 3-hour practical workshop will be provided which will result in a beginner boxing certification for individuals and small groups. This accreditation allows you to include boxing in your training sessions and be covered by insurance.

Vocational Education
Vocational education is offered as part of our Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship, which includes the Certificate III (SIS30313) & IV in Fitness (SIS40210). This component can be undertaken within 24-month study period, however some students with a background in fitness will complete in a much shorter timeframe.

Why should I Choose an IFI Elite Personal Trainer Course over a Certificate IV in Fitness?

Many people seeking to be a professional personal trainer believe that their only path is to complete a Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210). Our Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship allows students to gain the required insurances & earn money from fitness services before starting the Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210). This is a true ‘earn while you learn’ model.
Our Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship is not only flexible and industry-specific, it gives you access to course facilitators who are successful PT business owners.
With learning tools tailored specifically for personal trainers, it is not hard to see why our Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship is the best option if you wish to start a career as a personal trainer.

Where are the IFI Personal Training Courses Located?
Our personal training courses are offered to you in five convenient locations across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne. Check out our locations page to find where IFI courses are delivered nearest to you.

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