Fitness Courses

Get ahead in the fitness industry and pursue your career head on by studying one of our personal trainer courses. Whether you are looking for a course that includes strength and conditioning skills, or if you are specifically seeking a career as a personal trainer, our mentorships will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
Our personal trainer courses deliver real-world skills to prepare you for a lasting career in the fitness industry. We have two course structures available to get you started in your fitness career.

Personal Trainer Courses

The International Fitness Institute’s range of industry leading fitness courses, Fitness Coach and Elite Personal Trainer will ensure that you are ‘real world ready’ upon graduation. In addition, International Fitness Institute’s lifelong study policy means that you can review all online content at any time throughout your career.

Enrolment in IFI’s Fitness Coach or Elite Personal Trainer Course offers the following benefits for students:

Flexible Delivery Model Combining Online Theory with Practical Application

Personal Trainer with his back facing the camera looking at a gym

There is no need to be stuck in a rigid course structure with our flexible delivery model. If you like room to move in your studies, the control is in your hands with our personal trainer courses. You decide how and when you choose to study. You will also have more than enough time to complete the course of your choosing thanks to our generous 24-month course completion period. That means you have 24 months to finish your course from the date of enrolment. This will be more than enough time for you to complete all of the required components and graduate with flying colours.

We deliver content via an easy to use eLearning platform with social learning features and content experts who are always on-hand to assist you through discussion forums, phone and email. Online peer-to-peer interaction is also encouraged. Our interactive learning environment means that you will never feel isolated and you will find your studies enjoyable and stimulating.

Industry Learning Environment

Excelling in the fitness industry will be easy thanks to our internally developed personal training modules. This content has been developed by highly successful fitness business owners and is well and truly in-line with industry best practice. You can rest assured knowing that you will have the up to date skills you need to start your fitness career off with a bang.

Train Real Clients during Your Studies

We believe that learning effectively is not just about reading course materials. We also ensure you receive hands on, real world experience. Gaining a wide range of practical skills is an important aspect of our courses. To facilitate this, you will be mentored 1-on-1 by a highly successful personal trainer who will guide you through your studies. Our mentors meet stringent selection criteria, so you know that you will walk away from your training knowing that you have gained the very best practical knowledge and skills to confidently pursue a career in the fitness industry.

Gain Multiple Fitness Qualifications

IFI students don’t just receive 1 qualification upon graduation. Depending on which course you choose, you will receive a selection of fitness certifications specifically suited to certain career paths and skill sets within the fitness industry.

Designed in Consultation with Fitness Industry Leaders

Your skills will be up to date according to the needs of fitness industry leaders. Our comprehensive list of fitness industry partners means we remain in touch with the changing needs of fitness businesses and continually update our courses accordingly. Feel confident knowing that our personal trainer courses are exactly what fitness employers are looking for at any point in time.

Fitness Coach Courses

If you are seeking a career as a fitness coach or if you hope to manage your own fitness business, this may be the course you have been looking for. Gain valuable skills with our industry skills modules that will not only teach you how to train athletes, but you will even gain the skills needed to manage your own fitness business.

Become the best in the business with modules that include everything from applied anatomy and physiology to fitness business principles and exercise programming strategies.

Course Inclusions and Outcomes

A Group of Teenage Friends Exercising and doing squats at boot camp

There are three main sections that are included in the Fitness Coach Course:

  • The highly regarded Level 1 strength and conditioning course (delivered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd).
  • Our internally developed industry skills modules.
  • Three hour beginner boxing workshop for 1-on-1 and group fitness.

After completing the Level 1 strength and conditioning course, you will receive a Level 1 strength and conditioning coach certificate from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA). You will also graduate with a beginner boxing certification that is worth 5 continuing education credits (CEC’s) with Fitness Australia.

Find Out More about our Fitness Coach Course

Are you looking for more information on this course including how you can sign up? Head over to our Fitness Coach Course page to see the full course outline.

Elite Personal Trainer Courses

The IFI Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship prepares students for a long and successful career in the fitness industry. You will study our internally developed Industry Skills Modules and the highly regarded Level 1 strength and conditioning course (Delivered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd), both of which are elements of the Fitness Coach course. In addition, the Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship also includes the Certificate III (SIS30313) & IV in Fitness (SIS40210) (RTO 41171). Graduating with multiple qualifications, you are more than prepared to succeed as a highly skilled personal trainer.

Course Inclusions and Outcomes

The Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship includes:

  • Level 1 strength and conditioning coach course (Delivered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd).
  • IFI’s Industry Skills modules
  • Beginner Boxing workshop
  • SIS3013 – Certificate III in Fitness (RTO 41171)
  • SIS40210 – Certificate IV in Fitness (RTO 41171).

Find out more about our Elite Personal Trainer Courses

If you would like more information on our Elite Personal Trainer Mentorship including the course outline, take a look at our Elite Personal Trainer Course page.

Fitness Course Duration

From the date of enrolment you have 24 months to meet all International Fitness Institute’s course requirements. This is more than enough time to complete your studies; however your online access will remain open so you can revise the material as often as you like throughout your fitness career. We want to ensure the course material is easy to access and conveniently available when you need it, so take the time to complete your course at a pace that suits you.

Fitness Course phase Expected duration (indicative only) Outcome
Strength & conditioning certification 20 weeks Level 1 strength & conditioning coach certification (Offered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd)
Industry skills IFI’s Fitness Coach certification
1/2 day workshop Beginner boxing certification for individuals & small groups
Vocational education Up to 24 months Certificates III & IV in Fitness
(RTO code 41171).

Fitness Course Jobs

There are a range of career options available in the fitness industry after course completion. Our graduates are employed as gym instructors, personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. IFI has a number of industry partners who are always looking for quality students.

To find a career in the fitness industry visit our Careers page for opportunities including personal trainers, group fitness instructors and gym instructors.

How are IFI courses Delivered?

A Group of Men with Dumbbells and Personal Trainer Flexing Muscles in the Gym

Our personal training courses are delivered using a blended model, which incorporates online theory and practical application. The course structure we offer our students is very user-friendly and our online course materials are easily accessible. You will also receive practical coaching experience with a qualified trainer who will assess your practical skills.

The course structure includes the following features:

  • Level 1 strength and conditioning coach course – Offered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd
  • Gain real-world, hands on experience by training clients & earning an income before graduation
  • Study IFI’s industry skills modules & complete practical log book tasks
  • Complete the Certificate IV in Fitness (RTO code 41171) – This is only valid for those studying the Elite Personal Trainer Course.

For full details on the delivery model for our fitness courses visit the International Fitness Institute Fitness Courses Delivery Model page.

Choosing a course at the International Fitness Institute

Don’t settle for less when seeking the perfect course to pursue your career in the fitness industry. We offer so much more than just strength and conditioning courses or a standard Certificate IV in Fitness. You will have the advantage of graduating with multiple qualifications, an opportunity to experience training in the real world and gaining valuable industry knowledge from experienced experts.

Take the time to look over our specific course pages to find the details you need to select the right course for you. If you require assistance, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with all of the information you need regarding our personal trainer courses to ensure that you are making an informed decision that is right for you and your career goals.

If you are confident with the fitness course you have chosen, head over to our Get Started page and send us an enquiry to kick-start your exciting new career in the fitness industry