Elite Personal Trainer Course

Get the confidence you need to launch a successful career in the fitness industry with the Elite Personal Trainer Course from IFI. When you graduate from one of our personal training courses, you will hit the ground running in a new fitness career thanks to the valuable knowledge and practical application provided by our course structure. If you want to take part in a comprehensive personal trainer course with a flexible structure that includes multiple qualifications to kick off your personal training career, the Elite Personal Trainer Course from IFI is your best choice.

Course Overview

Start your career in fitness as a highly skilled Personal Trainer with multiple qualifications. The Elite PT course not only gives you the widely recognised Certificate IV in Fitness (RTO number 41171), but you also gain the highly regarded Level 1 strength & conditioning coach accreditation (offered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd).
The Elite Personal Trainer Course gives you the opportunity to train real clients while you study. Our convenient and user-friendly online learner support system allows you to get in touch with experts and colleagues easily, providing invaluable assistance through your studies. If you need your studies to be practical, flexible and fully equip you to enter the fitness industry with real world skills, enrol in the Elite Personal Trainer Course today.

Elite Personal Trainer Course Outline

We take great pride in delivering a flexible course structure that combines online theory with practical application. To provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills, the following are included as part of the Elite PT Course:
Level 1 strength & conditioning coach course:
When you complete this course, you will be able to design, implement and review physical conditioning programs to improve speed, strength, endurance & flexibility.
IFI’s industry skills modules:
Our industry skills modules are internally developed & reflect the current needs and requirements of sub-contracted PT’s in the fitness industry. We always stay on top of industry trends to ensure that our modules are always up to date and accurately represent industry standards. These modules include:

  • Applied anatomy & physiology – Gain a thorough understanding of the human body and learn how the different systems of the body will be impacted by specific forms of exercise.
  • Nutrition principles for body composition goals – Learn nutrition principles and gain in-depth knowledge about your scope of practice as a PT.
  • Client screening & assessment principles – Gain the skills you need to determine readiness to exercise, risk assessment & how to assess a client’s range of physical capacities.
  • Exercise programming strategies – Once the physical capacity of a client is determined, exercise programming strategies will give you the skills to prescribe a specific exercise intervention that is tailored to your client’s needs.
  • Fitness business principles – Learn what it takes to manage a fitness business as a sole trader from lead generation through to sales and referral generation.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness (RTO number 41171):
You will also complete two vocational qualifications (Certificate III in Fitness – SIS30313; Certificate IV in Fitness – SIS40210). You will gain the following set of skills and knowledge once your certifications are complete:
Instructor Running Fitness Boot Camp

  • Working in the Fitness Industry
  • Exercise & nutrition science
  • Exercise instruction
  • Advanced exercise science
  • Personal training
  • Changing behaviours
  • Older adults
  • Small business skills
  • First Aid


Elite Personal Trainer Course Outcomes

When you graduate from our Elite Personal Trainer Course not only will you feel confident knowing you have gained practical skills relevant to current industry standards, you will also have the certifications needed to back up your new found knowledge!

  • Certificate III in Fitness – SIS30313 (RTO number 41171) – This is the minimum qualification required to start a career as a qualified gym instructor. As part of this certification, you will learn how to assist clients to use fitness equipment and develop basic programming to lead small group classes.
  • Certificate IV in Fitness – SIS40210 (RTO number 41171) – Once your Certificate III in Fitness certification is completed, your fitness qualifications will be extended further with the Certificate IV in Fitness. This qualification is the minimum requirement to start a career as a Personal Trainer.
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning certification – Offered in partnership with Sportecoach Pty Ltd, this course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to develop training programs for beginner athletes. You will learn how to design, apply and evaluate these training programs to help improve the performance of athletes.
  • Beginner Boxing certification – Gain 5 continuing education credits (CEC’s) with Fitness Australia when you complete the Beginner Boxing certification. You will also be covered by insurance if boxing is included in your training sessions.

    Fitness Career Opportunities

    Once you have graduated from an IFI personal training course, you have a wide range of new fitness careers waiting for you. Take some time to look over the career options below and decide which path is best suited to you.
    Gym instructor
    As a gym instructor, you will be responsible for coaching a range of exercises and fitness routines. You will observe clients performing exercise and provide assistance to ensure that they are using the correct techniques to prevent injury and improve fitness. The gym instructor’s role is to ensure that exercise programs are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Pre-exercise screening and assessing a client’s physical capacities is also involved in this role.
    Being a gym instructor is all about educating clients on fitness and influencing positive change to help them reach their fitness goals by leading, instructing and motivating.
    Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Contact us today and consider signing up for one of our IFI fitness courses.
    Group exercise instructor
    A group exercise instructor is responsible for leading a variety of fitness activities. These can include but are not limited to kickboxing, step aerobics, pilates, yoga and cycling. The classes would usually involve a warm-up, conditioning phase and a cool down. Some classes may also include a strength element. A group exercise instructor leads the group by performing the workout along with the clients who follow the group exercise instructor’s lead. The role also involves providing assistance to improve technique and ensure the workout steps are being followed correctly.
    If a group instructor sounds like the career for you, speak to us about starting your journey towards this exciting career path.
    Strength & conditioning coach
    Whilst similar to Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers, a strength and conditioning coach is more specialised than working to improve the general fitness of clients. This role is focused on enhancing the performance of athletes and sports people. As a strength and conditioning coach, your role is vital in improving the physical performance of a sporting team and to ensure that each athlete is in top condition to excel in their specific sport. Many employment opportunities are available for this role within sporting organisations and schools.
    If working in this field interests you, our fitness courses will equip you with the skills you need to get there.
    Personal trainer (PT)
    A qualified Personal Trainer is an expert in the fitness field who offers fitness training services one-on-one or in small group sessions. PT’s are suitable for a wide range of clients who require guidance to meet their fitness goals. Not only will a PT help to determine a client’s fitness goals, a personal trainer also applies their skills and knowledge to help their client achieve these goals. This is the result of specific exercise techniques that are designed for each individual. Client’s goals can range from rehabilitation to body composition change.
    The primary goal of a personal trainer is to educate and motivate. If a personal training career sounds like something you would be interested in, get the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in your role with an IFI fitness course.

    Personal Training Courses With IFI – Get Started Today!

    Kick your fitness career up a notch by taking on one of our personal training courses today. You will be on the right path to a successful personal training career in no time. If you would like to speak with us about our course options, give us a call on 1800 115 338 or fill in our contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, head to our Get Started page to send an enquiry about one of our fitness courses.
    You will be glad you chose IFI to start your fitness career when you discover the knowledge, skills and qualifications you gain after graduating from one of our personal training courses.