International Fitness Institute Fitness Course Benefits

Stand out from the crowd and choose an industry-leading fitness course from the International Fitness Institute. We give you all the tools, templates and materials you need to succeed from day 1. From Fitness Coach courses to Elite Personal Training courses, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge required for your chosen fitness career path.
We understand how important it is for you to land that job after graduation so rest assured that we provide everything you need to give you the best chance of success in the fitness industry. With fitness courses developed by industry experts with over 24 years of experience, we know everything there is to know about the fitness industry and we have the right resources and tools in place to pass that knowledge on to you.
It can be hard to get back into the right mind frame to study, but with support from our industry experts, the journey towards your ultimate career goal will be as smooth as possible. Our superior delivery model has integrated real world practical application with online theory and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Discover for yourself the wide range of benefits you will receive by taking part in one of our fitness courses.


At IFI, we believe in providing our students with real-world experience to ensure that they are ready for the fitness industry upon graduation. The benefits of enrolling in an IFI personal training course are as follows:
Earn While You Learn – There is no need to put your income on hold. Generate income by training clients while you study at IFI.
Professional Mentors – Be mentored by professionals who are active in the industry & operate their own successful businesses. Our highly skilled mentors are required to meet stringent selection criteria so you can trust you will always have the very best people to guide you.
Fitness Industry Skills – Start your career with qualifications in strength & conditioning, boxing & the Certificate IV in Fitness (RTO code 41171). All of which are included to ensure you are equipped with the right skills to succeed.
The Right Combination of Skills – Get the right combination of skills as required by the fitness industry. Merge the science of strength & conditioning with the industry context of a Certificate IV in Fitness (RTO code 41171) for a superior combination of theory and practical application.
Learn at Your Own Pace – Learn at a pace that suits you with courses that work around your schedule. There is no need to be tied down to a set timeframe thanks to our flexible course structure that provides a generous 24-month timeframe to finish your course.
Flexibility – With a blended delivery model, you can rest assured knowing you will not be forced through a linear path of learning. We have a wide range of resources available so that you can choose the best learning methods to help you succeed in your studies.
E-Learning – Take your education with you through one of the world’s best learning management systems. Access our learning resources online via any device at any time and take advantage of the wide range of learning materials at your fingertips.
Social Learning – Our e-learning platform includes social learning features such as forums and chat so you can always have access to an online support system where you can contact experts and your learning colleagues for advice and assistance.
Lifelong education philosophy – Revisit our online portal as often as you like. Even after you graduate from your course, you will always have access to our valuable learning resources online.
Real World Skills and Practical Application – Be assessed training actual clients rather than classroom-based simulations. Nothing beats hands-on experience and practical application when it comes to truly understanding what is required of you in the real world.
Up to Date Course Materials – Content is always being added &/or updated to ensure that it remains contemporary & adheres to industry best-practice.
Relevant Industry Knowledge – The Industry skills modules have been developed as a result of extensive industry consultation. Our modules are reflective of current best-practice so you know your skills will be up-to-date.


You will come across many personal training courses and fitness courses in your search however only IFI can provide you with the right formula of real world experience, relevant skills and contemporary knowledge that meets current industry standards. Become the candidate employers in the fitness industry are looking for!
When you enrol in the Elite Personal Trainer course at IFI, we offer much more than the standard Certificate IV in Fitness. When you complete IFI’s Elite PT course you’ll graduate with:

  • Multiple qualifications
  • Experience training in real world settings
  • The latest industry knowledge from experienced industry experts.

Come graduation day, students who have completed the Elite Personal Trainer course will be industry ready with a job in hand, or operating their own fitness business.
If you want to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best chance of success, choose IFI.
When deciding to embark on a career as a personal trainer, obtaining a Certificate IV in Fitness is usually at the top of the list. The Certificate IV in Fitness is a standard qualification required to get the skills needed to be a personal trailer, however, if you want to stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of landing a job after graduation, you need a superior course option that is tailored to suit your needs. This is why IFI provides Elite Personal Trainer Courses to offer more practical and relevant skills than what your standard Certificate IV in Fitness can provide.
See the difference below between our Elite PT Course and the standard Certificate IV in Fitness and discover why IFI provides a superior option that is specifically suited to people seeking a career as a personal trainer.

Elite PT Course Certificate IV in Fitness
Course duration is determined by competency Course duration from 8 weeks to 12 months (varies between providers)
Career options are more specific (i.e. PT) Graduate job opportunities are varied
Traineeship model in an industry setting with actual clients Classroom-based delivery model (often with simulated assessments)
Course facilitators are successful PT’s Teachers often have a range of professional backgrounds
Earn money while studying Generate income after graduating
Industry skills modules are reflective of current best-practice Curriculum determined by a national training package



It is not hard to see why IFI is so highly regarded in the fitness industry. Thanks to the quality of our content and the benefits we offer in all of our elite personal training courses and fitness courses, we continue to produce highly qualified and skilled graduates who are ready and capable of hitting the ground running in their fitness career.
Gain the fitness industry skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen fitness career. Take the time to look at the courses we offer including the fitness coach course and our elite personal trainer course to find the right option for you. If would like to take advantage of the benefits our courses provide, contact us today by giving us a call on 1800 115 388 or visit our Get Started page to send us an enquiry.