IFI Online Fitness Courses Learner Support System

At the International Fitness Institute we have your best interests in mind and the very best tools in place to help you to succeed in your fitness course. This is why we have developed a convenient and easy to use online learning system that is both flexible and user-friendly. Not only does this online course system make accessing course materials easy, but it also connects you with colleagues and content experts to discuss the course content and gain assistance when you need it. Experience our convenient and easy to use online support system for yourself when you take part in one of our comprehensive fitness courses. Read on to learn why our online learner support system is the only reason you need to get started with an IFI fitness course today!

The IFI Online Learning Model

When engaging in online study, it is easy to feel isolated & lose motivation. We believe the best way to succeed is to have a solid support system in place. This is why we give you access to an online support system that connects you with your peers, content experts, and a variety of materials to help you every step of the way. The IFI online learning model is facilitated, which means content experts are always on-hand to:

  • Regularly participate in discussion forums – Engage in discussions with content experts and fellow course participants with our forums feature. If you have a question or a topic you would like to discuss regarding your course, you can post it in the relevant discussion forum and our content experts will respond to your query. It is important to note that responses to forum posts are restricted to content experts and IFI students. Anyone studying our fitness courses is welcome to respond to questions and topics in discussion forums, so if you think you have an answer to another student’s query, feel free to offer your thoughts and suggestions!
  • Contribute to student noticeboards – Our content experts will post helpful information on student noticeboards to assist you with your studies. You are also welcome to place useful information here if you find materials you think will be helpful to your peers.
  • Share relevant industry information –We always stay on top of industry trends and we understand how important it is for your skills and knowledge to remain up to date. Our content experts utilise the online learner support system to share new and relevant information regarding the fitness industry to ensure you are equipped with the latest knowledge come graduation day.
  • Reply to all email enquiries within 48 hours – Email is one of the best and fastest ways to receive a response from our content experts if you have a question about the course materials. We guarantee a reply to your email within 48 hours so that you can get back on track with your studies in no time.


Small Group Learning Principles

Whilst learning new content on your own can be effective, there is no doubt that your knowledge and understanding will be enhanced by interacting with others. Not only can you capitalise on the knowledge of others, you can also gain new perspectives and approaches to learning that you may find beneficial. At IFI, we have features in place to facilitate various forms of small group learning.

To make online learning a more enjoyable and stimulating experience, IFI courses are based on small-group learning principles that include:

  • Flexible Course Design – Flexibility empowers learners to choose their own learning tools as opposed to being forced into a linear study path. Everyone learns in different ways so why restrict the time and tools at your disposal to learn effectively. With a wide variety of learning methods and resources available to you, you can choose how you want to learn to ensure you have the best chance of success.
  • Peer-to-Peer Interaction – Our online learning support system promotes regular peer-to-peer interaction that provides an opportunity to share information and opinions with your online colleagues. Peer-to-peer learning is an effective way for students to develop a deeper understanding of the fitness course materials. This is why we promote peer-to-peer interaction as a core feature of our online fitness course support system.
  • Reflective Learning – Tools to promote reflective learning such as wikis are incorporated into our online learning modules. Reflective learning allows you to ‘step back’ from the traditional learning methods and develop critical thinking skills. We promote this type of learning through tools such as wiki’s where content relating to your fitness course can be created and / or edited by you and your colleagues, enhancing sharing and collaboration.
  • Social Learning – features such as forums and chat encourage social learning amongst fitness course participants. Chat is ideal if you wish to have a live discussion with a colleague regarding your course materials, while a forum is best used to gain varied opinions on a particular question or topic. Both methods are valuable for facilitating peer-to-peer interaction to improve your study habits and ability to learn.


Study Online in Your Own Time

One of the greatest benefits of a flexible online learning system is the ability to study online in your own time. There is no need to be confined to a classroom whilst completing specific tasks within a particular timeframe. At IFI, you have a generous 24-month timeframe to finish your chosen course which is more than enough time to complete your studies. Online access to learning resources means you can study in the comfort of your own home or from any location convenient to you with an internet connection. Online learning also gives you the flexibility to access the resources you need at any time to enhance your learning experience.

Take Advantage of Our Online Learning Support System

When looking for the ideal fitness course, don’t feel chained to a specific learning schedule and method with your head stuck in textbooks and your mind wandering as you struggle to learn your course materials. Discover the world of collaborative online learning where peer-to-peer discussion and interaction will provide you with a broader and more up to date knowledge base than you will find in a standard textbook or a confined classroom. Choose the International Fitness Institute for a superior learning experience and start on your path towards a rewarding career in the fitness industry today!

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