Fitness Courses in Brisbane

Are you looking to start an exciting new career in the Brisbane fitness industry?
Before considering your career options, you need the right skills and training to give you the confidence to succeed in your chosen career path.
If your dream is to start a career in the fitness industry, it can be hard to choose the best provider to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. With so many fitness courses to choose from all over the city, how do you pick the right one for you?
At IFI, we want to make the process of selecting and starting a personal training course in Queensland as simple and hassle free as possible. By choosing a personal training course with IFI, not only will you gain relevant industry knowledge, but you will also obtain valuable practical skills by applying your new found knowledge and training in a real-world environment.
With leading fitness courses across Brisbane that are ideal for a wide range of fitness careers, at IFI you can study at your own pace online and visit an approved fitness centre in a convenient location to complete the practical component of your training.
The all-important practical aspects of your training can be completed at a number of quality fitness centres across Brisbane, providing you with real-world skills you need to complete our industry leading courses. Speak with us when booking your training course to decide on the best location for you to complete your studies.

Why Choose an IFI Personal Training Course in Brisbane?

By combining online study with practical skills, IFI offers the best of both worlds to provide you with a well-rounded set of knowledge and skills you can put into practice.
We have two courses for you to choose from. Our Fitness Coach Course is a great first step to gain general training and skills relevant to the fitness industry, while our Elite Personal Trainer Course is tailored specifically for personal trainers.
If you live in Brisbane, a number of well-known fitness centres will assist in delivering the practical skills you need to thrive in your chosen fitness career. Some of the key features included as standard with all of our fitness courses include:

  • The ability to train clients in a real world environment
  • Receive support and mentoring from industry professionals
  • A user-friendly online interface
  • Obtain current and relevant industry skills
  • Earn money training clients while you study
  • Encounter and effectively handle real world scenarios with real clients
  • Flexible online study
  • Access learning materials online at any time, even after graduation.


The Fitness Industry in Brisbane and Queensland

The fitness industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, showing that Australians continue to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle and Brisbane is no exception. Despite the fluctuating and changing interest in fitness fads over the years, growth in the fitness industry in general is set to remain consistent.

Fitness Centres

Consistent growth in the fitness industry makes it a very competitive industry to work in. To stand out from the crowd, many smaller fitness centres that satisfy a particular niche are showing up around Brisbane and they are performing well. Traditional, large-scale fitness centres may have lost some of their market share to some of the smaller players, but they continue to attract large numbers of loyal members across Brisbane.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers also continue to be very popular across Brisbane thanks to their superior knowledge on developing holistic exercise and nutrition plans to help people achieve specific fitness goals. Many personal trainers also offer their services in public spaces for both groups and individuals, making the workout cheaper than what you would find in a gym.
Personal trainers hold a very specific set of skills and knowledge and the most successful personal trainers complete a high level of training to be successful in their role.
Whatever sector of the fitness industry you wish to join, you will always have an advantage over your competition when you hold a qualification from IFI.

Demand for Fitness Professionals in Brisbane

With $1 billion of revenue and 3.5% annual growth in the fitness industry across Australia, there is no denying that there are employment opportunities available in the Brisbane region. It is just a matter of gaining the right skills and knowledge.
The number of gyms popping up around Brisbane continues to expand, especially 24 hour gyms and fitness centres that satisfy a particular niche, requiring more fitness professionals to staff them. You can trust that you will have all of the tools you need to meet the highest industry standards after graduating from one of our fitness courses.
You will have the very best chance of finding the fitness job of your dreams thanks to the International Fitness Institute. The skills we teach always reflect the current trends and needs of the industry so you can feel confident knowing you have the most up-to-date information.

Contact IFI for Industry Leading Fitness Courses in Brisbane

At IFI we understand that having up-to-date knowledge and skills that you can apply is vital when it comes to getting a job in the fitness industry. This is why we ensure that your learning materials are always up-to-the-minute with current industry trends. When combining current and relevant knowledge with hands on experience, you can’t beat the qualifications you receive from the International Fitness Institute.
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